Saturday, March 19, 2011

Adventures at Baylor

I know i've neglected to update in a very..long..while...
to sum it all up: I've been swamped. [refer to a couple posts back]
And the time that I DO have off are for playing, chillin', and u know.. getting out there!

aaah the awkward moment of not blogging in a while.

Life has been happening.

but i do recall promising to update everyone on what is going on in my life here in the Wack.

Ankle sprained (again). Warming up for the first outdoor meet [at TCU]. I was feeling great, I was ready to vault, but that mat was much softer than I had expected.... =/
It's not as bad as the last time I sprained it, so I'm expecting to be out just a few weeks.

Brother is coming to visit soon! :) I cannot wait~! He's coming for some gaming convention, so I figured why not join him.. take some time out of schoolwork & track & classes&whatnot to work on the relationships that really matter.

Spring break was a nice change of pace... Stayed to train for pV for a bit, then ended up going to plano to see my cousins, play, and eat some legit Chinese food <3 mmm.... highlight of SB was eating potstickers and drinking boba... no kidding

Praying about going to China. I have two opportunities presented to me to go, but i simply do not know what God wants me to do. It's been on my heart for a while.. one/the other/both/neither?? but i thought it'd be beneficial to go someplace where I can actually understand the language... or at least some of it.

I seriously have not been able to stop listening to lupe's new album, Lasers. It's simply phenomenal.

Lakers are loookin' spicy! =D but uh.. where did the Bulls come from?? That'd be an interesting showdown... Phil jackson's little cycle

It was kind of an off week, so I'm glad the week can start new!
:) ummmm yeah.
nm to say... oor too much to type out. :P


stephanie said...

Love you!

Alice Young said...

Love you too! You make me realize that I should appreciate potstickers and boba more. They were never on top of my list...