Monday, March 21, 2011


"F" is for friends that do things together
"U" is for You and Me
"N" s for Anywhere, Anytime at all
...Down in the deep blue sea

I miss having friends by my side who are always down for whatever.
Pizza at midnight.
Cookies when we want it.
Drives through town with the top down at any hour of the day
Beach bonfire on a Monday night? ...What's stopping us?
Making rice + seaweed because we don't care that midnight munchies are bad for you.
Chats about life, love, God, demons, deep into the night
I'll be there for you if you ever ask, and I won't ask questions.
Yes, even if it's just PMS
No judgment passed
Nothing held back.
No agenda.
I'm all you and you're all me.
Reciprocated friendships
that "i've got your back no questions asked" mutual understanding.

I miss it.
And it's hard to be that friend when you know they wouldn't be there for you when you need it.
And I miss So Cal

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