Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lupe - I'll Never Forget You

Tomorrow Baylor Track & Field will be competing at TCU.
First outdoor meet

ANyway, ever since I got Lupe's new album, "LASERS," i haven't been able to stop listening.
The entire CD is just phenomenal. Beats, lyrics, melodies, musicianship, catchiness... anyway, these lyrics are really inspiring and seemed appropriate as it's pre-meet day!

Let the record reflect the records we set
Best foot forward with every step
And let’s push towards it, never regress
And let’s remember, if ever we get
Down, the places that we came from ’round
And all the good times on the bad side of town
The upside of bad, flip it upside down
Came from the bottom but we up high now
Believe, and from this view we achieved
We looked back at the rules we received
And how we broke those, dismantled and rewrote those
And the ghost still alive in the photos
Sounds of the summer, day and go wise
Cold wind blowin’ through a city on fire
Moments of the past, came here to find you
Not to relive them, just to remind you


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