Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Weary Return to the heart of America

I'm back here in Plano, TX now, awaiting the dreaded trip back to Waco, school, track, and all that work... BUT, I know i need to get back to all that to continue my little personal journey toward everything else in the future. FOr some reason, I feel like I NEED to stick it through, as if this entire "out-of-state-in-friggin-texas" experience is vital to the growth i would like to see in myself, something that simply cannot be done in my own old, comfortable, tempting home & hometown; sad as that sounds.... :(

I finally understand why so many people transfer their 2nd year in college after they've experienced winter break. I'm so glad ('s bittersweet) that Baylor made winter break so short, so that I wouldn't give into the temptation of transferring back home. I know if I were to spend another moment with my friends at home, I would've given in EASILY to staying with the people who know me so well and love me so much. Who doesn't want to stay with the people who know you deep into your roots, wont judge you, and are down to hang out at random times to do random things with the most random friends?

I know there's a lot ahead of me here in Texas with the people here I am coming to know, but I'm just going to let myself miss home a little bit more...
-Hearing about hang outs and missing out :( :(
-Sleepovers @ Steph's with my not-so-blood-related family
-The VIEWSSS, the outlook, the Top of the World <3
-Mommy & Daddy, Paul & Luke
-Church family
-Singing at my home church
-Good Asian food within 5 minutes driving distance
-Catching up with old friends, and connecting with people from my past who were so insignificant at one time, but have become so important.
-My pupps
-Knowing where everything is
-Los Angeles, the City of Angel [s]
-People who I can count on to be down :)
-Baking cookies & eating 'em fresh out of the oven with 2% milk
-Arrowhead springs water
-Mountains in the distance at all times.

On a grudgingly happier tone... It is very nice to see my dear cousins, Grace & JOseph, and my uncle, aunt, Jorge, and even Charlie, their family dog... Photobucket

And I'm glad I can finally get back to the routine I have set at school.
This semester, I would like to see myself waking up consistently earlier, find a smaller fellowship/small group, maintain a high GPA, get [back] into shape, practice diligence, and increase the amount of time I set aside for only God.

In the one semester (4-5 months) I've been at Baylor, I can already feel a big change in myself, and I've already seen significant alterations in my heart & point of view, things I could never even have imagined to change. Only God knows what's in store for us these next few months... *sigh*
boy, am I one troubled little gal

And I've also been reading this tumblr.. it brings happy feelings inside: Little Things

Oh, and read about our adventure to downtown LA, MOCA, and Louie Bottega (or something) at Steph's and Alice's blog. THey do a MUCH better blog job than I could ever do.

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Alice Young said...

Hang in there. I look forward to being missed as I miss you. Can't wait for you to be back next time and the fun we will have! And I love your goals. So proud of you!