Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shooting through the roof! (i wish!)

Today was just one of those days...
Sure, I woke up late and had to bike like Lance Armstrong to class;
Sure, I had three back-to-back 1hr30min classes;
Sure, I attended an SI(supplementary instruction) session and realized I REALLY need to study;
Sure, I basically failed a practice test in Anatomy & Physiology (AKA my most important class);
Sure, my shins and hamstrings hurt like a [*#$!@&$%@!*&^@#] at practice,
But, patience is a valuable virtue and good moments come.

Today was a good vault day. (:

And that really gave me the confidence boost I needed.

Ever since my first meet at A&M before break, or even that second meet this weekend, it's been REALLY hard to keep my head up and continue trekking on, especially when everyone around me in other events were doing so well. I had to keep telling myself that God DID put me on the track team for some reason, and that I should stick it through, keep working hard, training, eating a healthy diet, and to keep my eyes focused on glorifying His name.

"Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross..." -Hebrews 12:2

Like Coach Harbour was telling us, we praise God in the good times, in the bad times, through tears of joy, and through tears of sorrow. I'm so glad I didn't get discouraged or down in the dumps, and kept faith that GOd would show me a way, because today, God really gave me a little treat, a taste of His glory.

I know I'm not a superstar vaulter, nor anywhere near it, so it was an act of grace for the coach to put me on that travel list for the A&M meet. He probably knew it wouldn't be the proudest Baylor Track & Field moment when I vaulted, and that I probably wouldn't perform as well as the other, more "promising" athletes would do, but for some reason, by the grace of God and the decision of Coach B, I was able to compete.
I didn't exceed his expectations or blow anybody away. In fact, I performed pretty poorly.

However, I knew that bad days (or weeks, months, years) come and they stay sometimes, but they DO go away when the good comes to rush it away. :) And that is worth every drop of blood and sweat, I think. It's what gives me the encouragement I need to keep going on the path that Christ has set me upon.
I also understand that it is important to keep my pride down, and remember that it was all by the grace of God that I even have the ability to do what I do, the way I do it. That was God's gift to me, and what I do with it is my gift to Him.

I pray for a humble heart, and I pray for God to PLEASE intervene in my life/situation whenever I lose sight of how powerful and in control He is, or whenever I forget how small and insignificant my own pride and glory is.


Alice Young said...

Wow Angel. That was the best piece of reflection that I have heard the last five years that did not sound preachy or overly spiritual, just genuine. I am so encouraged by your insight and the beautiful example of grace that the people around you exhibit to each other. Grace really begets more grace. Thank you girl!

xtineyyy said...

hey angel!
this is christine from church haha.
i just wanted to say that i was really encouraged by reading this as well. :) thanks!