Saturday, December 25, 2010

my Christmas happy list (:

1. I had the bombest green tea ice cream at Steph's house last night
2. Bianca's house is filled with Lakers fans (with one hater *ahem* clarence..) at this very moment, all wanting and hoping for the same thing. (aside from the hater)
3. Honey roasted almonds, ginger snaps, and snickerdoodles for tonightttt!
4. Seeing old friends and acquaintances everywhere, no matter where I go
5. That when I went to the Village for 5 minutes, i literally saw 25+ people I knew.
6. Playing COD: black ops 'til 5:30 am.
7. Christmas caroling at the Queen of the Valley hospital with my couz & whomever else felt the urge to join on the 4th floor
8. 4.0 first semester, baby!!!
9. Vitamin C and orange juice
10. A boy that calls it the "holydays"
11. Retreat tomorrow, be back the 29th

Merry Christmas, everyone! Praise God for sending the baby Jesus to his beloved people on this holy day so we can spend eternity with him :) :) HUZZAH!

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