Friday, December 31, 2010

aaaah church :)

Hanging out with my church buddies, it really hit the spot. It feels as if I never left...

This week, I had the honor of spending four whole days with my church family. It was such a blessing to have some of my closest friends in Christ together, jamming about, hangin' out, fellowshippin, hiking, all together for over 80 hours. Way to kill 70 birds with one stone, eh?
Not only did I get to fellowship and play with my fellow RHCCC buddies, I got to do it all in the SNOW!! Yep, that's right - this year's winter retreat was at Pine Summit near Big Bear Lake. Let's just say I learned to perfect my snowball-packing quality, my sprint-pursuing snow agility, and my snowball shot accuracy >:). Plus, i learned that in a snowball fight, cheap shots are highly acceptable. hahaha good timess!
Such an encouraging, nourishing week. Oh, and I also caught some sort of a cold...

haha "oh well.."

bringing a whole new definition to "star-gazing"

bumpiest snow-chain on a schoolbus car ride i've ever taken

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