Monday, October 25, 2010

ich bin geliebt

i really am getting over it, but donald gridiron shared this video with me that made me laugh:

of course, i dont pray for him to die, basically, but it was still funny and rather appropriate.
life is better with laughter.

I had the most amazing weekend with the most remarkable cousin, Gracie! She picked me up from Baylor and took me home so I could be with family for the weekend and be around people so I wouldn't slip into the dark abyss of frustrated confusion. This weekend i learned LOTs of things:
1. Family is blood. They'll ALWAYS be there
2. Age does NOT equal maturity
3. Lots of things can be said in the moment of things
4. MY cousin, Grace is the most caring, loyal, wise person in the state of Texas.
5. There ARE good guys out there who are really worth your time.
6. The good friends stick around
7. I AM SO LOVED! :)


Alice Young said...

yup yup. hear hear. you are so loved. and by me too!

Alice Young said...

Ich liebe dich