Sunday, October 31, 2010

halloweens are full of magic

super duper good times this weekend.
This weekend I got to spend time with some girls from my hall, Caley, Celeste, Mya and Sierra, and go to such Baylor events such as "fright night", which is sort of like this haunted house thing that some sorority puts on. It was quite fun :)

One special personi ESPECIALLY had the blessing of getting to know and having a good time with was Jess Park, my cousin Grace's BFF. :) (she's the one getting married November 20th). We had such a fun time in each other's company, dancing, people watching, exploring and having adventures in the town of AUSTIN, TX saturday night. What really topped the night off was that BAYLOR BEAT THE LONGHORNS!!! =D =D We were both super proud of Baylor and really felt school pride that night. hahaha
I dressed up as a sailorgirl, while she dressed up as a pirate. Together, we ruled the seas!

After our night on the town, she spent the night here in Waco and we hit up Cameron Park Zoo and Cafe Cappuccino in the morning :) FUN STUFF! i really like her she is such a great person to get to know and be family with. Another addition to my Texas fam bam!

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