Wednesday, November 3, 2010

quit butting back into my life! (a rant)

YOU were the one who decided it.
YOU chose not to have me in your life anymore.
YOU ruined it by deciding not to deal with it anymore.
YOU were the one who needed "space."
YOU wanted to do your own thing.
YOU want me in your life
YOU "need" me in your life
YOU are calling me selfish for not wanting to be friends.

i finally realized the reality of your worthlessness, and the amount of wasted energy I put into you. I got over you, got over our past. I understand we've been through a lot, and i'm fine not having you in my life because the memories that come along with it are too painful to bear. i know now that there are bigger, better things out there and I should not be caught up on you. and what it takes is for you to quit butting back into my life! think of it as a final act of selflessness for me. Anyway, weren't you the one who said that you think there has to be someone out there more "compatible" for you?

I know it sounds harsh, but you were worse to me. You forced me to tears, to a state of depression and frustration that nobody who loved that hard should go through. You do not deserve my friendship.

As my good friend and I have decided, "WE AIN'T TAKIN' NO SHIT NO MO!"

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