Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A new chapter, and my dear loves

I landed in Texas at the Dallas Fort Worth airport yesterday evening at approximately 4:15 (CENTRAL TIME). I cried all morning. A couple wonderful things happened to make me feel like one really loved girl, though.
First, my Bubbs spent the night at my house and we had a grand time watching our baby Freddy for the last time (for now).
In the morning, as my mother was (basically) packing FOR me, I realized how lucky I was to have such an incredible mother. Words don't do her justice.
My father was in the backyard washing the floor and cleaning the swimming pool. (He would)
My brother, Luke, gave me his camera! But i let him have it back because he didnt have one, and Bradley had already given me one.
Paul, my other brother, ate dinner with me and my parents and brad the night before.
My friends from church, Jordan, Eric and Albert showed up and brought me a scrapbook made by my friend Fiona to say farewell to me and to wish me a safe trip.
Then, Lara and Charlene came over, Lara bearing giraffe presents (YAY) for me.
As we talked about ichat and oovoo, Sally and Pauline, my sleepy neighbors came over, bearing presents as well! ( i haven't opened it yet )
Lara gets a phone call from her MOMMA saying that AUNTY RIMA is stopping by too!! That woman is one fiiine mama :)
As we drove to the ONTario airport, my Brad sat in the backseat with me as I tried to hold back ginormous crying fits and bursts of tears. Freddy came too.
When we got to the airport, the emotion was almost too much to handle. I could barely walk to the escalator and get through security!
Whomever knew leaving home could be so hard??
Anyway, continuing on with my loved day...
On the airplane the lady next to me saw me crying and commented that it was nice I had my childhood "friends" to accompany me on my flight. We started talking about college, and she gave me some really encouraging words. It really helped to talk about it even though I almost started balling right there AGAIN.
After I landed, my Uncle Peter and cousin Joe were waiting for me at baggage claim A28, my uncle with open arms to greet me. They grabbed my bags from me and welcomed me to life in Tejas.
We got to the Changs' house, and I was greeted by lovely Mr. Charlie, the family Toy Dachshund and my cousin Grace. Jorge was inside cookin' up something, and all of us (including Aunty Karen) went to Buca di Peppo together. IN fact, we even finished all of the food!!! (WOW) Somehow, Grace ordered JUST enough. i also tried the mint Mojito. (muyyyy delicioso)

Anyway, I must apologize for the lack of posts.... you can read about lots of things on my BFF Steph's blog. (she's a much better blogger than I... much more interesting and many more pictures..)

Going away party
Vacation at the Lake

I also HAVE to post a couple pictures from the trip to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS and the SAN DIEGO ZOO that Brad took me to on Thursday and on Friday. We had a grand ol' time, we really did. :) I love him so much. and i miss him so much already...


Stephanie said...

Wowww everything that happened... you are one lucky girl! i MISS YOU :[

Alice Young said...

Hey! I love you too! You are doing okay!

I like how you said "Whomever knew leaving home could be so hard??" It's cuz you have a "home."