Saturday, August 28, 2010

first week of school, settling in, and all of the above

My apologies for the absence of posts & updates... Settling into school has required much more time and effort than I thought! Running my own errands, walking 50 years (it's probably only 2 minutes) to get mail, biking to the other side of campus to get to the Science Building, keeping my room clean, track practice, finding a way to get stuff like hand soap or clothes hangers at Walmart, and every other little responsibility we simply "forget" when packing for college is overwhelming. However, I'm not going to lie - it sure is a delightful and more rewarding experience than I would imagine.

In fact, sometimes I get so tired of studying and running around that I spend most of my free time watching Desperate Housewives Season 2 on DVD. Frat parties, random "Kool-aid" parties at the Dr. Pepper Museum all dont seem as appealing to me as taking a power nap between classes and watching desperate housewives in my room with a cup of yogurt. I know - I've turned into a hermit. O well..

My parents got tickets to come visit me over Parents' Weekend!! =D September 11th, I believe.

Anyway, things are going pretty well. Academically, it seems juuuust right. I love it. And I'm just getting used to the campus.

I miss all of y'all at home. and I would like your ADDRESSES, PLEASE; so send me those ASAP. thanks :)

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