Tuesday, August 3, 2010

packing for college

packing for college is some scary stuff!

my room is a MESS! trying to accumulate one girl's most necessary, important, & sentimental items into two or three suitcases is a ridiculous concept.


My boyfriend is "surprising" me with a trip to the SAN DIEGO ZOO!!!!!
I've been wanting to go ever since my love for safari animals craze (for about two years now) and I've really been hinting at him to take me. Even though he doesn't care for zoos and locked up animals, he's taking me! And it's things like this that mean the world to me. <3 you bubbs

My going away party is coming along great! So far my facebook event has twenty-one guests confirmed!! I was actually pretty surprised at this because I thought if I made it facebook it would be blown off. YAY to that! Thank God for Stephanie's amazing organizational help. *phew!* Facebook invitations are as far as it goes for me. Now for the baking and food prep, decorations... I just can't wait to see all my dear friends together in one place!


Stephanie said...

dude i was gunna tell you. your event is probbably the most fastest response i've ever seen. 21 confirmed so quickly!

Lamina O'Oz said...

Make that 23!

I recently just packed for a four day conference where I stayed at my sister's in LA. It was so hard to pack. Good luck!

StephanieTJLee said...

Hey Angel, I somehow found your blogspot and I'm glad :)! Aw I see you're going away for college soon. Best wishes!!!!!!!!!!