Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Orientation Day 1

Location: Baylor University
Weather: Disgusting, HOT like crazy, humid like crazy, thunderstorms
That's right, my Californians... HOT and raining.

The day started off on a bad start 'cause I couldn't really sleep last night due to mild jet lag(We're two hours ahead in the Dallas area). I stayed up until about two a.m. (Texan time) chatting with my boyfriend, Bradley, for the very first time on Skype. It was pretty tight... I look pretty disgusting on a screen, but he looks swell - as always. After Brad left to night bike with Farhan, I still couldn't sleep, and my sister Stephanie was on, so we talked for an even longer time!
Uncle Peter convinced my parents that it was necessary for us to wake up at 5 am and leave at 6 am, - -; so I was already tired and b*tchy as f*** already.

When we finally got there, it was POURING. WTH, right!?

Jun 9

Scattered T-Storms
Scattered T-Storms



High not valid after 2pm

Jun 10

Scattered T-Storms
Scattered T-Storms


Jun 11

Isolated T-Storms
Isolated T-Storms


Jun 12

Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy


From this point forward, the weather mirrored my mood.
Let's just put it this way... it rained and it rained, it was hot, it was sticky, the water flooded the grass and mud. My rainbows are now not only dirty, but ruined. I couldn't find ANYONE from either the West or East coast or anywhere remotely near California. Every seminar thing and orientation thing was so boring and slow, and only contained information I either already knew or didn't need to know. It was quite ridiculous. Right when I was just about ready to just leave, we had dinner separately from the parents. Oh goodness that's when the rain stopped.

I met four new gals at my dining table..

Ashley (Buda, TX)
She's got cute watches. We both want to be giraffes because we are short in real life and wish we were taller. She likes Hannah Montana, Disney Princess movies, and she's studying Pre-Med in Psychology. Her dorm is North Russell, I believe, and She's the first girl I met as we were walking into the Cafeteria. Drives a "P.O.S. BMW that has left her stranded 4 times on her", and waited for me after we got our food :)

Kim (A......., TX)
I don't remember the name of the city she's from, but she has cool, curly hair. From the side, she could be black cause of that cool hair. She met my daddy first (he was being embarrassing - -;) on the shuttle and then we met later on at the dining hall place. She's pretty swell. She wore these really cute earrings, hoop-y things. Her mom parties more than she does, and I think that's an interesting fact :) She also remembers her past from constantly reviewing pictures. Getting a Jeep, and I think she's the only one out of us five who has a boyfriend as well

Lauren (Friendswood, TX)
She babysits some kid a lot, or she's always watching some kid, or she babysits a lot.. I'm not sure which... but there was always "The parents of this kid I'm watching..." She just got a red Toyota Corolla that she promises to drive us around in and look cool in. Hahhaa she's rooming in Collins, too, but on the fifth floor, I think. She also motions with her hands a lot when she talks and rolls her eyes a lot haha (:

Amanda (TX)
She's this brunette, really cool, Very down to earth (like Ashley). She watches some kid a lot, too, who isn't allowed to watch anything except Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus. The sad thing is, that kid is now a big slut. Oh that's so sad... She seems like she goes to Downtown Dallas a lot to go to concerts and what not. I think she mentioned that she was in Collins, too, but I'm not sure, 'cause she didn't raise her hand when they asked. She used to play volleyball, I think... or was that someone else....

Yes, they all say "Y'all". They all drive (YES!). They're all from Texas, and they could all pull off the cowboy look :) hahaha yay texas

That was the highlight of my day, meeting them. I can tell we're gonna be good friends (at least our first year or until we get our dormmates and whatnot.
AFTER the rain stopped, we had this fun little Baylor Bears pride thing and learned about the history, the chants, cheers, etc...etc... :)

It's gettin' late and I gotta wake up early tomorrow 'cause my appointment time is 8:30 am, which is practically the first spot (YAY!) I'm getting my classes tomorrow, and such, and I'll be able to see a model dorm room. Hopefully a Collins room...


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