Monday, June 21, 2010


I can’t express how stinkin’ excited I am to finally find out!!
Here I am at the Walnut Fellowship retreat, trying to work out the internet & wifi….
I get a friend request from some random white girl so im like wth…? Ignore
Then I sign onto my Baylor email, and I notice there’s an email from the same girl!! My heart was racing as (just my luck) the internet failed on me!!! So Kelly and I wandered over to the cafeteria and sat outside, where the internet started to work, and found out ASHLEY DELANY is my new roommate in Collins 156!! =D

I haven’t really talked to her besides adding her again on fb, but I’m really ecstatic, guys! It’s been so long and I’ve totally been anticipating it for sooo long! What major is she? Is she bringing a TV? Want a futon? How is she like? Quiet? Shy? Loud? Partygirl?

just gotta pray and trust.

Had another emotional breakdown yesterday….

They reoccur now.. ☹ sorry for putting you through that, bubbs… Thanks for hugging me and holding my hand as I cried.

P.S. i wrote this a few days ago on word because i didnt have internet

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