Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blogging from Texas for the first time!

Here I am, chillin' at the Java & Cha Co., the coffee shop my cousins Grace and Joseph Chang own in Plano, TX

It's a cute, little family-owned business, but sadly it's going to be closed down in July =[ I guess someone else is buying it off their hands.

Anyway, I'm sitting here on my laptop trying to find a live stream of the big Lakers vs. Celtics game, and meanwhile listening on the ESPN radio thingamajig. Lakers are at a 4-point lead right now in the first quarter! :) 21-16 LAKERS!!

I really did plan on blogging yesterday, but I was hindered by an unexpected fever of 101.3 F. =O Work sucked cause I was friggin' delirious, but I'm glad Pai Pai hooked it up with some hours.

After work, Cheryl came over t help me pack. I was expecting my Bubbs to come over, but I guess he got tired and went to bed :(. While she was rolling my thermals and winter clothes and placing them into my little blue Adidas duffel, I had an epiphany about how long four years really is!
:( :( :(
It is quite discouraging pondering over living away from my family, boyfriend, friends, church buddies, bed, teammates, and everything else I've ever known these past 18 years... However, I know I've really just gotta suck it up and learn from the experience.

31-17 lakers!! >:D
suck on that, Bostonians!

Tomorrow is orientation. My dad went with Uncle Peter to go pick up the rental car after we left the airport and so far I've eaten RUDY's, which is this super Texan barbecue place.
I just learned that for the Baylor Nursing program, I spend two years at the Waco campus, and then move to Dallas for their nursing program at their Dallas campus. That would be pretty tiight 'cause this is where my cousins live.

Apparently there are some really good vintage/thrift shops in Waco. I can't wait to hit 'em up tomorrow!! =D

for now...
52-40, BITCHESSSS!!!

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Stephanie said...

Yay! You blogged!!!! Hope you're having fun. Text me/send me picture texts! I'm watching the game right now.... so nervewracking. Miss you lots. Love ya