Thursday, June 3, 2010

Room Assignment, Macbook!

Yup. It all seems unreal.

I just got my rooming assignment!


[It hasn't really hit me yet.]

As of Fall, 2010, I will dorm in COLLINS room 156 (1st Floor) just like my cousin Grace did!

Collins Residential Hall

Apparently my roommate hasn't turned in her confirmation yet, so that's all I've got to wait for. I can't wait to start talking to her so that we can start getting to know one another! I also need to collaborate with her in deciding who should be responsible for bringing what. I'm so nervous!

There are a million questions going through my head in anticipation of knowing:
-What if she has really bad hygiene and/or is SUPER dirty?? I mean... I don't mind messy, but dirty is a whole 'nother story.
-Did they put me with another Asian girl just because I'm Asian and a minority?? - _ -;
-Does she live out of state? California!? Or does she live in Texas cause both would be convenient.
-Does she like sports?
-Does she like animals?
-Rude? Nice? Polite? Respectful? Lazy?

I suppose all I can do for now is to try to make myself the best roommate I can be instead of worrying about how good she will be for me. I better start shopping! My first trip to Texas this Summer is on Tuesday, June 8!!


Yep. I got it!! =D
It's pretty awesome. I'm pretty scared to take it out of the house, but for now I'll just order a Speck case off Amazon and keyboard cover, etc... and keep the computer indoors for now.

I especially enjoy blogging on this thing! It's super easy - especially picture uploading! All I've got to do is drag and drop. Everything works with drag and drop! It's as if your imagination were to be able to be made a reality. (:

Tonight is my graduation. I suppose you could say the only reason I have time to blog today is because I didn't have school this morning. However, it's almost 3 o'clock, and Michelle is about to come over to pick me up in an hour. With that said, I better take a nap real fast 'cause tonight is grad night, and I'll be super tired and knocked out if I don't catch a bit of shut eye right now.

Also, Bradley, my beloved boyfriend, gave me his graduation gift to me yesterday. I'll post about it tomorrow, probably.

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