Sunday, March 29, 2009

all-state honor choir weekend

was amazing. :)
Dr. Joe Miller is amazing. He teaches at Princeton at the Westminister College. and he told us about how he's the first in 4 generations NOT to become a professional football player and then professional football coach. "..It was a hard life.." Anyway, he gave us this speech after we sang "Flower of Beauty" beautifully. Basically he told us his story and how he really didn't know what the heck he wanted to do with his life before he graduated high school and even afterwards. He had played every sport out there in high school, had decent grades, and all he knew was that he wanted to help people. he applied with a pre-med major, HATED it, and eventually realized that what he loved was music. "Life is about love," he told us. "And there was love between the music and me." (paraphrased) What i learned that day was not to let anybody else choose your future for you. Not coach, not the director, not my parents nor my friends, but me, myself, and the realization of what makes me truly happy. then all will be well. My goodness i just wanted to ball out my tears and give him a great big hug. Of course i didn't, but we made beautiful music, the 150 or so of us. and it was fantastic, his spaghetti metaphors, bumble bee exercise, and his really awesome metaphors.
"writin' in the book of seven seals"
"You're a HARLEY! be cool."
"FEEL the music!"
"Let the words lead the music, not the other way around."
"Do you believe we can change the world? 'Cause I do."
"IT's not like i have nothing better to do... I have...4 concerts at Carnegie Hall in two days..."
"I've never suffered depression, but that was the most depressing semester of my life. I was just so sad."
"That was how i learned to sight-read. The old man next to me in that church choir when i was 6 or 7 saying 'NO,' 'NO,' 'NO.'

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