Saturday, January 17, 2009

fork in the road.

i feel like I'm approaching a fork in the road. The obstacle is still somewhat a distance away, but it's coming, and a decision must be made.
This last trip to Thailand, Uncle Simon said to me: "Look, Angel, at all these students who are dying to learn English! But nobody wants to come all the way up here, in the middle of nowhere, where they dont even get paid! Imagine what you could do if you took a summer off and just came into the mountains and taught english." No pressure or anything, really, but damn that sounds like a good investment of my time!
I decided that day on the truck ride down the mountain that I would take that time out of a summer to come teach English. Subconsciously, the planning had already begun. I would have to wait another year and a half - after senior year, because i need to get all my classes done first. I would have to figure out a curriculum. that would mean studying and doing serious research on teaching ESL. I could talk to Ms. Dutton - she'd love to help me. And maybe take an ESL class at Mt. SAC, just to see how they teach. I would need some workbooks, story books, childrens' books, & other materials. Would i teach literature? Simple writing and reading? Conversation? or speech? Which village would i teach at? Is it fair to choose for myself? What will aunty sarah and uncle simon do to help us along? Would it just be me? Steph would love this idea. SHe would definitely support me, i think... but her momma & papa. .. well they can't say anything after she's wayyy past 18 and in college & stuff. Would she come with me? WOuld it just be the two of us? That'd be a freaking kickass experience, it would!
Anyway, as these thoughts ran through my head, i realized... I have to do this. I have all the resources bluntly placed before me by God, and I've always been good with language and the distinction of different languages. I've been blessed with the knowledge i do have, and it's time to put it to good use instead of sitting at a claustrophobic desk writing pointless essays on pointless topics.
this is what i will do,
and i can't wait !
:) thank God for clarity.

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stephanie said...

after your senior year? as sad as that makes me, i know that makes the most sense and i wouldn't want to go if you weren't there with me!

seeing all this pictures made me jealous, you truly are so so so lucky you went!

i'm done with everything now, let's start planning :)