Sunday, January 25, 2009


Yep. I was kind of REALLY stressing over the English final, but I must say I was SO relieved when it was over, and I would have probably accepted getting a B. BUT I GOT AN A!! =D it was a low A, but an A indeed, and I feel so blessed! When my test came back with a B+, I thought all my hope was lost and I would have to accept a B in English, but then I saw grades the next day (or was it that same day?) and it was just as if big football shoulder pads were lifted right off of me!
It kind of reminds me of the way God wants to take all your struggles and anxiety off of your shoulders. Once you put all your trust in Him, everything is not just lighter, but it's like all your issues are floating around in a vacuum, and there is no way to 'weigh' the extremities of each trouble, because nothing is impossible for God. In God's eyes, the smallest thing could mean something great, and the biggest thing [to us] could very possibly mean something very close to nothing to Him. I totally take this for granted and I SO do not thank God enough for this. :) The whole time, I knew that even if I get a B or a C in English, whatever. So God has other plans for me. :) I love the way that works. Everything happens for a reason and it's all part of God's greater plan for me that I simply can't see.

Waterpolo is kind of really passing by in a big blur. It seems like the weekly team dinners happen every other day, and there are games almost all the time. I get more workout during warmup than the entire game, I think. (That's sad.) I think my playing got worse because it felt like my coach didn't believe in me anymore, or was even ashamed. Now, Lani is probably the best coach I could possibly ever ask for, but she really doesn't forget anything. Every practice I've missed for choir or church, she remembers. I guess that is probably the most fair way to put it, but it's just hard to deal with sometimes, especially when you go to a tournament for all the 3 days and play zero minutes. Really, I could have been working out instead or something. Anyway, there are only a couple more weeks until league is over, and probably at most only another week or two for CIF. All i can see ahead of me through the blur is Track season and pole vaulting, and showchoir season, and I honestly can't wait to escape the scandalous life of waterpolo.

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