Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Holidays!

This is a time for Love,
This is a time for Joy.
Come, let us all sing together
In Peace, Peace, Peace on Earth

I love the holidays! Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, whatever it is you celebrate, it's all about your loved ones. Family and friends, and it's an excuse to be extremely nice and chipper without funny looks. YAY! I wish i could give a cry of joy to everybody! YAY!

So much goes on in the month of December:
-Choir Winter Concert. Rehearsals, Dancing, and Stressing out about how horrible we sound =/ and dance, also the lack of effort many people are putting into this performance.
-Waterpolo training! Practice, Practice, Sore butts, quads, hamstrings, hipflexers, shins, shoulders, and every other muscle on the arm to name. Scrimmages and tournaments, and training to be LEAGUE CHAMPS this year!
-Angst from talking in between my choir director Ms. Lopez and coach Lani with a shaky voice and frigid hands stuffed in my pockets, too afraid to look either in the eye, but really, I do love you both.
-Basketball, Wrestling, and Soccer season
-Thailand Mission Trip. Planning as if we're going, spending endless Saturdays sitting through trip plans, program plans, and putting up with each other; but anticipating the very likely possibilities of a completely bust and canceled trip :'(. I wish those who are afraid to go would simply draw out and leave the trip to the others, not trying to convince the church admin to cancel :( :( :( sad faces all around. Although things would be SO MUCH easier, i so DO want to go, and i DO feel the calling! maybe this is my punishment for being distant from God. Unfair that everyone else has to be disappointed because of me. It doesn't seem fair at all. Whatever happened to those promises that as long as there are people willing to go, we'd go? I hate lies.
-Selling Advent calendars that nobody wants to buy
-Lastly and very importantly, getting ready for the NEW YEAR!

This cold weather makes me want to eat more. As if i'm about to go into hibernation or something. With so many things happening...yeah right!

SO i'm glad we got back from Mexico safe and sound. I heard on the news when we got back that like 60+ more people were killed right below the border, right about Tijuana. God surely protected us there :). I wish I could say the same for Thailand.

I am sad that my good friends, new and old are leaving for college soon, and my goal is to make the last parts of their year memorable and heartfelt. I wont even think about what it'll be like when they're gone.

I have an impending desire to go caroling. If i had like 5 other friends that were really down, I would be sooooo satisfied. it'd be SO fun, hoping to bring a little more joy to those around us. Maybe they miss the traditional stuff too. I know i do. Look at all the things that are changing.
Who's up for some good ol' tradition?

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eric said...

oh angel. when will i ever see you again