Thursday, November 13, 2008


whoever would've thought, right??
shoot. I would like to begin with an apology to those who i laughed at before for reading these books and getting super fanatical & about how they were going insane over vampires and werewolves. Yeah....I learned my lesson.
:) This is a good break. It's nice to really feel emotion like this again. It's been so long, and of course it's silly, but just allowing myself to indulge in the love story of a character i can imagine in my head really does help the depression. Surely, i know many things are missing in my life right now, important, vital things, but just before i try to figure that out, it feels so good to feel emotion through a fictional character. it's about as real as i can hope for right now.
And sorry, ladies, Edward's mine! jacob i wouldn't mind, but whichever one she ends up with (edward, obviously), i will take the other gladly ;) hahahahah
okay that's pushing it. i'm out.

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