Monday, October 20, 2008

this homecoming weekend

was kickass. :) it's times like these that remind you why life is so fun.
friday hc game. it was a loss, but a hell of a good game. halftime show worked out great, and CONGRATS STEPH MEZA! =D hc queeen! afterwards, we hung out at mark lerdsuwanrut's pad. we talked about renovating his house and adding a huge pond-lake in the backyard with a big slide leading into it. and tree-houses on the ground. HAHA! we met his dog Stitch and his cat Rocket. then we pigged out and his mother whipped out some cake! YAY
saturday morning I slept through PSATs, which made my day 20x better! because i really did not want to take it. waste of 20 bucks, but oh well. =) set up for the dance, blew up TONS of balloons and made balloon pillars with steve the balloon master, and then Steph Meza's house after I got ready to help steph W and morgan get ready, i guess. homecoming pictures turned out reeeallly nice and then hc was K I C K A S S . one of the best dances so far. =D and kevin sarehkhani (date) had a great time too. (i hope) Pigged out some more at The HAT afterwards with Andrew Gutierrez, Angelica, Summer S & her BF Shane, and kevin & I, and SMEZA!!!!! who is seriously.. the best :)
this morning my butt, quads, hamstrings, knees, calves, abdominals, deltoids, and triceps are really sore for some reason... really worked it last night. SLEEP! pictures later when smeza sends them!

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