Saturday, August 9, 2008


soooo lots of things happened, so i'm just gonna update day-by-day and go from there. (i might get tired) but the importance to record your thoughts was very stressed for this mission trip.

We left church at around... 10, maybe? Alice came and brought dresses for me to borrow for their sunday services (must be extremely conservative) and christine and lydia both ended up borrowing :) hahah. so with norman driving the 15-seater PARTYBUS (out of 3 VEHICLES) we went down to san diego, had some lunch next to a NIKE FACTORY STORE & soonteck wouldn't let us go in to shop. WE got past the border okay, and drove about 2 hours south into ENSENADA, where we camped at Rancho el refugio? with APU, got introduced to our speaker for the week, CARLOS; the worship leader, JESSE; the barna team, and those two announcer guys, and also the other teams there. (THERE WAS AN ASIAN CHURCH FROM IRVINE!) we had our first CHAPEL session, and everything began as a good, positive start. That night we slept pretty well.

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