Thursday, July 31, 2008

mission work.

i was contemplating on whether i should put a "?" or a "!" after "missionwork" for the title of this blog. Today i was telling someone i'd be gone next week because i'll be going to mexico on a mission trip and then in the winter i'm going to Thailand on another mission trip. they're really the only places i travel, and he asked me whether that's something i want to do in the future. i sort of thought about it for a while and kind of nodded. but it got me thinkin'... could this be something i would do in the future? am i up for such a big challenge and dedication!? it's scary, but i think it is a lot easier to let God decide for me and adjust my own feelings towards it by that. This way, i know for sure that i'll be good and okay and taken care of, because God decided he wants me there. I am, after all, His servant, right? And i did decide to follow Jesus the day i accepted Him as my savior. IT's a big commitment, but SO worth it, i think. You have serious life insurance that you can enjoy YOURSELF after you die! in fact, you never really die! =D isn't that fantastic? anyway, if mission work were ever something God wanted me to do, i think i would be so up for it, even though i have no idea how long-term missions work. haha but that would really be an experience to experience, huh? :)

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