Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I wore the Forever21 grey dress to church with a belt. with a belt? i dont remember anymore. but yeah. that and sneakers, i think. first we went to Pastor Miguel's church, which was way over by the huge soccer field and jason spoke about ... (i'll fill that in later. i totally forgot, but i know it was good.) Team B walked over to the "Arc de Noa" church at around 12 (because we all thought it was at 12, but it ended up not being at 12, but at 1, so we just walked back to miguel's church and played wiht the kids until 1 and went to that service. Meanwhile, Ted asked me to share my testimony (THE RANDOMEST PERSON) and i TOTALLY was freaking out about it and trying to get brian to do it or something (which was where i started talking to him). I didn't think about what i was gonna say as i should have (even though i did TRY to write it down). Then we got to Pastor ANGEL's church, where SoonTeck spoke about... a lot of quotes. I just remembered there was.. dont complain, and use bad situations to make your relationship with God better. Then he asked Vincent to go up and say his testimony, which was really good. Then I had to go up and make up some random stuff, but basically i ended with how God helped me and kept me safe & how my mother says i'm destined for great things and about how "HERE I AM IN MEXICO!" and that God has a super plan for everyone and never underestimate yourself. gosh that was awkward. Marvin was all laughing at me as he translated. and translated all my "ums." taht was funny. Anyways, afterward, we had a basically free day. We had FISH TACOs and went to shower and calimax. That night we went back to APU and ate mashed potatoes & beef on it with veggies and ... fruit stuff. 'twas all good. I think that night the pastor talked about letting go of your load (sin & heavy stuff) that's making it hard for us to be walking the path God wants us to. Then told us to write something wrong we're doing that we need to get rid of. I wrote down to forgive my father, and all the impurities of my life. then we threw them away in the trash can. I prayed up front wiht Tony and Greg that night. it was pretty cool. then we worshiped as a team.

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