Thursday, May 22, 2008

i don't understand

I dont understand why it's so hard to get over you. You're a gentleman, you're sensitive, and I could never get bored of you, no matter how little it is you say. I know you have so much to offer, but you wont offer it. And it's been a while now, actually, and for some reason, my heart still holds on. You're like dye on my heart. No matter how hard I scrub, that little bit of you will stay in me forever. Perhaps it's a lesson, perhaps it's a feeling. I just wish i had never dunk my heart into that deep, rich, color. And i wish i had kept out of all those dyes. Then my heart wouldn't be stained so badly. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, a little bit of everything, adn it makes this nasty...grey-brown. and I think i started out with a red, pulsing, beating heart. My heart. My own heart. And i've let it stain underneath all this damage, not thinking to use that bleach before it was permanent.
Or maybe it could be beautiful... I mean... considering that the dyes dont mix. they're made out of different things, right? So... the stuff they're made of is different, right? thus...making something pretty. something diverse. experienced. Learned.


Ahmed said...

Naw.. you don't have to read all of them.. some are really boring cuz i had nothing to do.. i'm talking about the ones that you've read already.. Sucks that your group was the one that was all crossed out... What did you guys write?!?!

eric said...

im gonna miss you when i go to college angel =(

Ahmed said...

naw i'm too lazy to update right now.. gotta go study for finals and crap... maybe i could talk about my halo 3 adventures during the summer or something!