Tuesday, May 13, 2008


you know that feeling where you laugh really hard and then when you're over it you just sigh to yourself and bask in the moment? I really love meeting new people that just make me wanna laugh, laugh, laugh, and laugh until I cant laugh anymore and then all I can do is smile like a crazyperson for a really long time. and whenever I think about that new person, I just laugh. and not because I'm making fun(!), but because that person just makes me feel good. about myself and the world and everything (:

anyway, I cut my hair. and I think it's cute. just need to go out and buy some Herbal Essence light weight mousse. or whatever it's called.


Ahmed said...

Why did it take forever to guess my last name... you had it right the day i asked you!!! Anyway lemme know why i should write childrens books???

Ahmed said...

which ones the best?

Ahmed said...

well... out of the ones that you have read... and yes.. my song is interesting.