Monday, June 2, 2008


I've looked into getting one of these cute creatures. (I believe the Mudkip Pokemon resembles it. and is probably where you've seen it before.) Anyway, I want to get a tank started for one of these cute little creatures. :). I found a seller in Sacramento who's willing to ship here for 24 bucks. so i'm gonna get a tank started for them. I'm thinking of getting two so one doesn't get lonely. And i think i might name him/her Kirby or Kippy. I'm leaning towards Kirby. Just because i love that name and it's cute, and so is the character. Well anyway, i'm thinking of getting a leucistic one, and i'm super duper excited. Will post pics when i get it, but for now, all i have is this super cute pic of this one i found online (: I've even joined a salamander/newt forum! I'M SO EXCITED.! okay my brother is rushing me off. gotta wrap this up. talk about it tomorrow.!

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