Monday, March 10, 2008


I believe goodbyes are so, so, so important. Every time you say goodbye to someone, it may be the last time you two will see each other or the last time you will hug or kiss or simply look each other in the eye the same. Life is crazy, you know. Things happen, people change, and we all have our own beliefs. If the last time you said "goodbye" to me was the last time you'd ever be able to, what would you have done differently? If I were to say "Auf Wiedersehen" to my Freunde before we depart for home, class, somewhere far, close, or anywhere, I would hope he/she would not disappear forever after that. I really believe goodbyes are taken too lightly. perhaps i'm just overreacting, but who cares. this is my blog. not yours. I would hate to say goodbye for the last time to someone, but I mean... it happens all the time. I just did to those people I met at camp, or the cashier at the Fry's in Anaheim! So many people in this world, so many lives going on at once, and you never know when people are suffering or are happy. a little heart?

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