Monday, March 17, 2008

oh berto!

since when did life get so complicated?? joy different from happiness? since when was one second a big difference? and since when was 8 ft. not tall enough? Since when did the difference between right and wrong become so blurry and opaque? when did we become so flexible with our morals? How do we know who's right or wrong, stronger or weaker, greater or insignificant, who deserves the "A" and who deserves to fail? I believe these choices are not for us to make. It's not for our sinful selves to judge. What or who gives you the right to call someone a liar.. have you never lied? Or a whore.. Have you never had an impure sexual thought? A bitch.. haven't you ever just lost it?
I think we seriously need to stop the inappropriate condemnations. Your stupid thoughts may be hindering you from making a really great friend or not accepting someone who could really use your help and understanding. Imagine how much better your view on the world could be if you didn't listen to the rumors you hear or perceive what you see as what you're seeing? Perhaps we could all open our hearts to everyone, not just those we "accept." I'm not saying we have to agree with the wrongdoings of everyone, I'm just saying that we need to accept everyone as an equal, with an equal perspective.
Then maybe you will discover those that really deserve your love and those that will get it anyway.

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