Tuesday, January 8, 2008

to feel

in order to feel something, isn't it necessary for one to feel nothing at all to begin with? So in theory, wouldn't it be true that if i really wanted to feel an impact, i would first lower my satisfaction to feel something bigger? but what if one lowers the feeling sense enough that he/she misses THE great impact that was supposed to be the one you had prepared for? OR maybe, perhaps... if you're a feel-good person, then when that great event/inspiration/impact happens in your life, you could feel even BETTER than ever, and as a bonus, had been satisfied the whole time you had been expecting something to happen, especially as the great thing happened. ...in theory.
however, we as humans...sinners, do not. ...could not... am i right? ...because as corrupted people, we are never satisfied enough. but sometimes, just sometimes, you meet someone who does actually notice all the good things. or sometimes you're that person. perhaps i've met that person, in perfection. and hopefully, i'm to meet more. but as of now, i'll be grateful for he/she whom is grateful. (: because the appreciatees should be appreciated as well.

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