Wednesday, January 16, 2008


it's amazing how much someone can lie. you're so fake, with so many secrets. and it's not like nobody knows about them. seriously, how does someone lie so much!? how can you be SO fake?! especially when you're perfectly aware of it. and the whole world knows. really. we all know how desperately, stupidly, you like lying, sadly. it's so so very sad. do you really expect people to trust you with their secrets after you do the things you do? i dont understand if you lie just to keep those undeserving friendships, or what.? and then you will say you're sorry, but you obviously aren't. dont you LEARN!? after all the crap you've experienced because of your lies. i was your friend when nobody would be. i was the one who believed in you, had hope maybe you weren't really the way you were told to be. i thought everyone, even you, was really good at heart. i've given you so many ridiculous chances and this is wha tyou turn around and do. this is the last string, the last straw. your many chances i've lengthened way too many times. i dont want anything to do with you. and i plan on letting you know. you should plan on a recovery plan. brace yourself. you deserve so much more shit than i offer you.

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