Sunday, January 6, 2008


so this past month has been a lot of sleep and a lotta laziness, which means POUNDS.
it's not that i have a problem with overweight people, i just dont personally like the sight of it on myself. - -

and with lots of sleep and laziness, for some reason, my brain sort of goes in auto-drive, and i forget how to think. and if i try, my brain fights back and as usual, i lose. so it's the time or it's not at all. too bad we can't call on inspiration. "Brigid, Celtic Irish goddess of inspiration, poetry, birth and blacksmithing, helps you find your inspiration and creative flow" (courtesy of Too bad i dont believe in that stuff. >.< eh. God inspires me :)

i love that new cashmere mafia show!!
"i know about you and (insert whore name)."
"i'm so sorry. it's over as of this moment."
"it better be. now look around and look at all our friends"
*he looks*
"now i'm going to choose one of them as my lover and i'm going to do things with him that will make your toes curl. and then i will call it off and we will both start wiht a clean slate"

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