Sunday, June 17, 2007

give someone your time.

When you stay up until 4 in the morning just to make sure you his jacket is washed thoroughly & smelling half as good as when u borrowed it so his parents wont freak when it smells like smoke, then the next day you lug the heavy article of clothing to meet him and he sleeps in & says it's fine if you bring it next week. but yeah. what a waste of time. i could've just done it some other day. waste of time? it sucks when you spend time on someone and they throw it away. even when they don't know it, it still sucks. and then you look at yourself and wonder why you would spend so much stinking time on anyone. and then u remember: it's because he/she is your friend. (: Whether you've been life-long pals or simply acquaintances u shared a quick glance with at the supermarket, you connected for a reason. somehow, you will make a difference in his/her life. that must be the reason there are so many people in this world: so we can connect with each and every one of them. it is a great feeling to do something good for someone else, to go out of your way so someone can feel a little more special and to give someone something more than what you offer, to give someone your time. try it out and report back to me. trust me, you'll feel good.

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