Sunday, June 17, 2007


calm waters, beautiful sunsets, crashing waves, boogey boarding, washing up on the sand, dirty feet, sand in your bottoms, the salty lips, scratched up shades, beautiful wavy hair, what other great place to be than the beach? fun with friends, BBQ and bonfire. (: peace from within, laughter and fun-filled adventures. hot lifeguards. it's the full package! i remember last year was the first time i actually went in the water at the beach. and if you're going to let your WUSSiness take over and allow the ocean to scare you, you are MISSING OUT. i was scared of the ocean too until last summer when i was feeling adventure-filled and went wave riding with bianca and everyone. i am so serious it's not even funny. even if the oceans here are polluted and taste like crap. enjoy it before it's gone. the people of this world treat it so bad. :( our oceans are polluted, the sky is filled with smog. we watched this guy dump all his trash out his window and simply drive away without a care. :'( sure makes you wonder why we have global warming & shit, huh? -_- soon, the Philippines, Taiwan, Hawaii, all those islands are going to sink from the glaciers that are melting. and we sit here and do nothing about it, drive gas monster cars, buy factory produced items made from polluting factories, simply encouraging the economy and the factories to make more and more things, more and more smoke, more and more smog & complain that the earth is too small for everyone. - - tsk tsk. no wonder our kids & elderlies are dying from simply eating and breathing. :( and everyone is getting more and more corrupted. where did all the good people go?
kill me now.

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