Friday, June 15, 2007

all i know of love

"All I know of love is that love is all there is." -my fortune cookie on Facebook.
[yes, my fortune cookie inspired me to blog about it.]
when you truly love, it is your everything. I'm looking at this as an outside party, as a 3rd person point of view, but i think... if you're going to truly love, it's worth every second of your life, every ounce of your body, every piece of your heart, every last drop of pride, every breath of air you take, every second of your attention, every cent in your pocket, your everything. and that is all there is. what a great quote. you could understand nothing about love, how it works or why it happens, but love is everything. it will take up your everything.
and then, ask yourself -how could u love someone and know the true meaning of love and experience it fully if u hate something else?- think about it.
kinda like having a baby. takes up your whole life. but then, having a cute, innocent little child kinda reminds you how crappy the world really is. ya think? kinda sucks. but know... there's also the reminder of how great things can be. (: be optimistic. optimism. why be sad (pessimistic) when you can smile (optimistic)? i don't know... do you?

i'm out to change the world.

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