Thursday, June 14, 2007

little boys & rag dolls

little boys who steal little girls' hearts and tear it apart like a rag doll. they should all gather together so we can catch them in a net and send them off into the ocean and never be allowed back on shore. it amazes me how badly we girls allow guys to treat us sometimes. they control the thoughts that run through our heads, the time we spend and what we spend it on. and these guys somehow always manage to break our hearts, hurt us, and permanently scar us to "never let it happen again." but then it happens again. - -; and again and again. and after enough 'agains', you simply give up. my perfect man will be someone who will be able to control my everything, but he wont do it because he loves me and will not hurt me or break my heart. he will never let me do anything that'll hurt me and he'll go out of his way to make me feel special. someone who will come over when i'm sick and bake me brownies and make me chicken noodle soup. ..even if it's from a can. someone who will drive me all the way down to LA just to eat at that one ice cream sandwich place. who will give me his jacket and let me keep it so i can sleep in it when he's not there. someone who i can feel independent yet dependent at the same time. someone who will take me to six flags and ride all the rides with me, who will take me to all the dances and slow dance with me whenever we feel like it. (: someone i can love and call mine. he wont be a little boy who tears out my little doll heart and throw it around like a rag doll.

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