Tuesday, June 19, 2007

chem honors summer is..

chemistry honors summer is...
memorizing the stupid periodic table and all the ions in one day at last minute notice.. summer school is honestly one of the best but worst things that the head school in this universe thought up for its students. a time to sign up for classes you need and doing so, killing yourself, going into suicide just so you can get the credit for the class, no matter if it's a good grade or not. a time to die and frustrate yourself so badly just so u can end up knowing that you cant do it well. i signed up for chem because i thought it would be better than taking a math class. no. it doesn't work that way. it's just like geometry i took last year. you dont understand something and when u finally take the extra time and effort to learn it, you're behind by a day.. - - how gay is taht. and then all the information that's been stuffed in yoru head starts to bundle up into this big THIng labeled: CHEMISTRY. and then your brain will eventually begin to add: SUCKS. I HATE IT I HATE IT HATE IT. i'm so exhausted it's not even funny. waterpolo afterschool with no nutrients in your system, studying during break, and then coming home after practice exhausted like hell and then having to memorize the stupid ions forward and backward, and then you get like six hours of sleep and then have to do it again. i just want to sleep. it's like... good, though because u can not understand a chapter, but u wouldnt have to deal with it for long. you take the test, and move on; time to worry about the next chapter, and the last chapter behind your back.. no turning back. ;; until the final, of course. shitt

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