Tuesday, June 12, 2007


i wonder if people use "ily" as an acronym for "i love you" because an "i love you" is simply too much. if you really love me, don't say "ily." if you really love me, say you do. say you love me. sometimes there's so much shit thrown around i wonder why the fuck language like that is like that.
the french protect their language. they don't allow AMERICAN words mixed up or German or other words mixed up in there.
the Americans don't protect or filter their language because it comes from other languages. if we were to purify it, there'd only be slang. beautiful. - -
why cant people be sincerely sincere speaking to other people? tell me what you really mean. make your language precious to me. help me want and treasure each word you say to me. don't be a fake ass.

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