Saturday, January 12, 2013

journey back to the heart of America.

The trip back home this break has been...

old and familiar, yet new and refreshing.
another huge blessing.

Although this time I didn't go to the top of the world before leaving, it has definitely been a sweet taste of home once again.
I think about how different it was coming home this time; I think about how different it is coming home every time. I love how people change, I love how God is ever moving, I love how He's had it allllll planned out from the very beginning. It really gives me hope for the future. As much as I love what He's done and how much He's moved, I always know there is more He has to offer; so much more he has to reveal. It's crazy how everytime I think I've seen it all, God goes ahead and blows me straight out of the water again. It's the most ideal love story.
I am so intrigued by how good He really is, how amazing his creation is, how He speaks to us on a day-to-day basis. The more I experience, the more I want! When I think about it, I can totally understand how we would look for that sort of satisfaction in everything else, but never find it.

Life is well lived for me, and I've got joy because it's already been done. He already died, He's already risen, He's already saved. The deed has been done. From this point on, I'm merely seeking His heart and awaiting His return each day.
My prayer is this: that He would reveal Himself to me in different dimensions, that His truth would reign in my life - so much so , that it just seeps out of my pores, that He would give me the ability to simply enjoy it, enjoy Him, and worship Him in awe. all the days of my life.

Honestly, I could give up everything else. 

Awake, awake, my soul. God, resurrect these bones.  -Chris Tomlin "Awake My Soul"

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