Thursday, May 10, 2012


So remember that song I had been working on since the beginning of
this school year?
well i finally got my friend to help me record it. It's a little bit
fuzzy cause we recorded in a big room with a lot of resonance on my
campus, but it was a Steinwey & Son, thus the best piano I could get
my hands on :)

Here's the story:
I've played ever since i was 4 years old, when my parents forced me to
do that asian thing where I was required to play for at least 2 hours
a day, and i would dread every tuesday afternoon 4:00 when I had to go
to my piano teacher's house and play for her.. >.<; Ten years of
tantrums, practicing & hating piano later, my mum finally let me quit.
Throughout high school, I didn't play much at all.... I had no respect
for it.

Then it came time for me to go to college. Being in a new state
thousands of miles away from everything I've ever known, with not many
friends, nothing to do in a rinky dink town, no car, and lots of free
time, I found sanctuary in playing piano..  For the first time, I
didn't have to practice FOR anything. There were no recitals to
perform at, no teacher to play for, no mother threatening to take away
tv time. It was just God, me, and the ivory keys.

God plunged into my life that first semester at Baylor big time. He
transformed me,
unrooted me from the dry desert where I was, and re-planted me in more
nutrient soils. This process of breaking ME down and building me up
with HIM, is what this song is all about. "Sanitatem" is Latin for
"healing". God had plans to put me through the first real
heart-break/breakup of my life and find the security I looked for in
only Him. Breaking emotional ties and feeling worn-down to the core
was one of the most brutal process I've ever been through. But as
Robert Griffin III once said, " the hotter the heat, the harder the
steel. No pressure, no diamonds."

i've always been really reluctant to share any of my piano playing
because to me, playing piano is sanctuary. It's an extremely intimate
moment I share with God, and never wanted it to be corrupted by
ears that didn't care/understand... but I guess that's a risk every
musician has to take. The greater the risks, the greater the reward,
though, and my prayer for this song is that... i dunno.. God will hear
it & like it? That's all. 

"Sanitatem" -Music by Angel

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