Wednesday, October 26, 2011

mm mm good

B] more family dinner nights. This time I had the chance to eat food prepared by your typical college boy! =O..not something from a box, not something from the microwave, and not even something off a grill... we had chicken broth (made from scratch!). The noodles may have been kind of crunchy and hard still, and maybe I had to add a lot of salt and pepper, but let's just say it was made with a lot of love, which made it awesome. Plus, I had made some pretty bomb pasta as filler food, so that was nice to have too hahha
It's just so great to see people (especially a guy) really put in the effort, do research and learn to cook like a bo$$, when we all know they COULD simply sit around and eat microwave dinners everyday or get a chick to do the cooking. Seeing my boys so proud of what they had made gives me so much joy. I beam with pride. Way to go!!!

I think that's how problems should be solved - Hungry? Learn to cook!

This upcoming weekend is HALLOWEEN WEEKEND! :D can't wait to sport my costume.

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