Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I know i haven't been on this thing in a while, so I was looking through some of my friends' old posts, and found this one entitled, "stop what you're doing" by Richellephant.

Reading this little post was just so encouraging to me because sometimes I find myself questioning the simple question: "Does God really exist?"

Reiterating what Richelle said, GOD IS REAL! AND IT'S LIKE WHOAAAAA!!!!! And I honestly don't give him enough of my mind, body, heart and soul to just think about how REAL he is!!
Amidst studying, track practice, blah blah blah, I forget to remind myself of the REALITY of Him! I see lots of things before me that I know are real: birds, people, books, food, light, rain, wind. What makes these things more real than God? Absolutely nothing!!! BEcause without God, all these things would not have life in them!

Whenever I find myself in a place where I'm really down in the dumps and nothing especially wonderful is happening, I stop and think about the essence of LIFE.

"Scientists" may say that we originated from single-celled organisms.
"Scientists" suggest we evolved from apes. "Scientists" propose the "BIG BANG theory," in which there was a gigantic enormous explosion that somehow caused life. The list never ends... the Oscillation Theory, The Modified Big Bang Theory (most widely accepted view of "Scientists"), The Steady State Theory... Hell, I'm sure there's some sort of theory out there suggesting we all originated from rocks!

Yet, none of those theories truly explain the origination of LIFE. Living organisms, LIFE, can only come from previous life! Anybody who's ever taken an intro to chemistry, biology, or science class knows that cells come from other cells, and that's what makes up elements that make up compounds and molecules, which make up matter, which is what we are all made of. To tell me that LIFE happened as an accident is preposterous to me.

And after this big web of theories, suggestions, possible explanations and the like, I stop and I think... honestly, the simplest, most believable "theory" is that God, who was, who is, and is to come, simply breathed life into a pinch of dirt and created (yes, CREATED) life on Earth!
I look at the trees, I look at how amazing it is that it GROWS! LIFE comes from...NON-LIFE! and That's how GOd works to create life!
We water the seeds and we can put as many nutrients as we want, but it's GOD that makes that little bean sprout!

He created the day and the night, for He knew it was good.
He created the sea and the land, for He knew it was good.
He created plants and trees and flowers and fruits, for He knew it was good.
He created the animals of the sea, for He knew it was good.
He created the animals that would fly in the skies and animals to roam the lands, for He knew it was good.
He created a perfect world for us to live in,
and then He created a man to take care of all these things, for He knew it was good.
Then he saw that the man was lonely, so he created a Lady for him!

NOW look at us! WE LIVE! We have been handed a LIFE to LIVE as we please. A life that we did not deserve nor earn for ourselves, but because of grace, can live!

But guess what.... ? :(

we fucked up.

I look at this Earth he created for us: Ice caps melting, Global warming, an ozone layer intended to protect us is burning away.
I look at the trees being cut down way too fast and way to much in excess.
I look at our friends in the oceans, in the sky, and roaming the land being heartlessly, inhumanely raised, treated and slaughtered. Not even out of necessity for food, but for evil, heartless, wasteful purposes and monetary gain.
I look at the land and the sea: filled with debris and toxic wastes.
I look at the beautiful blue sky and instead, I see grey smog from the exhaust pipes and factories.

And then
I look deep into my heart: black with sin, and it is not the good, pure heart He intended for me.

Brothers and sisters of this planet:
It's going to be too late. In fact, it practically IS "too late!"

The only thing I can think of to do with this FREE GIFT OF LIFE is to LIVE with LOVE.

Love for His creation!!!
Love for His PEOPLE
and most importantly,
Love for Him who gave us all these things, forgave us for fucking shit up, and then sent his only son to give us a second chance at an EVERLASTING LIFE of ETERNITY with Him after all this is over with, so that we would nOT need to redeem salvation nor earn it, but simply BELIEVE, ACCEPT, AND LIVE this life as He created us to.

John, one of the oldest followers of Christ, told us in John 3:16....
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life."

Brothers and Sisters...

t h i s i s t h e t r u t h .

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