Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A summer back in the Nut

and it feels soooo good. :)It's as if I never left!
What I missed SO much about cali? (aside from the people I love oh so much)

1. The amazing landscape...
This picture was taken from a boat in Big Bear Lake, up in the Big
Bear Mtns, where we [my extended 2nd families] have gone to play the past two summers. Words cannot describe the majestic satisfaction I
get from God's amazing creation. The intricate, BEA
UTIFUL way He shaped this world leaves me in awestruck wonder every time. I am so blessed to call this place my home. :)

2. Disneyland & California Adventures!
This picture of my new buddy, Matt, was taken at California Adventures. Here is where you can find the happiest place on Earth. For me & Matt, that means having an adventure wherever we go.
One important rule of thumb: It's not an adventure unless you might get caught.

3. Having a car
- _ -; self explanatory

4. Yummy food & unique restaurants!

These teas are pictures taken from the Tranquil tea lounge, which is an adorably intimate little tea lounge place in downtown Fullerton, CA. The tea is very light and refreshing - the perfect pick-me-up to a stressful/draining day. I ordered the Asian Pear green tea, which was quite delightful. The prosciutto sandwich i had was a little TOO flavorful, but the salad that came with it was simple & sweet.

5. Cali weather
While my friends in the midwest and everyone else in the east coast area is experiencing one of the worst heatwaves in history, I get to enjoy this AMAZING, non-humid, breezy, yet sunny California weather. I will never get over the amazing weather of this place. NOt one rainy day [yet], not that I would mind.
It's as if the weather screams to me: "Come out! Explore the world! Leave your jacket and your load at home!" :)

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