Friday, December 17, 2010


I love finally being at home, doing what i want to do, when i want to, DRIVING, ahhh :)

Everything feels so familiar :)

Most of all, I love to see my friends!! I love grabbing lunch, hanging out, and hearing about everything going on in their lives, what they're learning, their new goals & perspectives, and even the juicy gossip!
oh, and what is this new Round 1 business opened in the Puente Hills mall?? Seems like a good place for middle school kids to go blow some bucks.

I'm also finding it REALLY hard to go and work out everyday... =/ and it makes me very nervous... I Hate that it's raining here, which gives me a perfect excuse NOT to run. Plus, I left my rain running gear at Baylor... oops. I hate that 24 hour fitness uses fingerprints, and that LA fitness closes at 11 pm on fridays.

on a more positive note, however...
1st semester down! 4.0 gpa, good start :)

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