Sunday, November 21, 2010

Park & Mao wedding :)

COngratulations to my good friend JESS MAO and TONY MAO on their BEAUTIFUl wedding ceremony, Extravagant reception, and siiick after party ;)

Friday night, Sanya Kim (Baylor guy) and I arrived at the LA CIMA CLUB where the ceremony & rehearsal were to be held.
THen, the dinner at a pretty bommmbbb Korean restaurant with all her families and everyone in the wedding

Saturday, Jorge and I arrived at La Cima four in the evening and began setting up.
The atmosphere was so filled with excitement and butterflies :)

The ceremony went really smoothly. All the bridesmaids looked sooo beautiful and prettied up, all the groomsmen looked all spiffy, the flower girl was adorable, parents looked proud, Tony looked super stiff and nervous, but Jess was a KNOCKOUT in her exquisite white wedding gown.
Watching that beautiful, [not-really-]blushing bride walk down that aisle as tears streamed down her face and Ingrid Michaelson's version (i think that's what it was) of "I Can't Help Falling IN love WIth you" played, was a most touching, heartfelt moment.

COcktail hour and the reception was a frenzy of meeting new, great people, all gathered to celebrate with their beloved friends, family, Jess & Tony, drinks, photo booth pictures with super cute props, scrapbook making, DELICIOUS peanut buttercream cake, raspberry something cake (I don't quite remember, but it was amaaazing), key lime flavored cake, dancing, dancing, picture-taking, SCRUMPTIOUS steak & chicken, Corn chowder, and a lot of purple and black.

Congratulations were being thrown left and right as the bride and groom thanked everyone for coming to share this day with them.
RED VELVET COOKIES, bubbles, and ..towels? :) hahhaa

AFTERPARTY at the NYLO hotel suite & lounge. phew!
it was such a big blur of fantasticalness :)

I am so glad I met Jess a year ago this week. She is one of the most down to earth, strong people I know. I respect her so much, and I am so happy for her :) I don't know her THAT well, but from what I do know of her, she is just so REAL and I know Tony will be good for her. He made a good decision putting a ring on THAT finger. Because Jess is a beast!

(pictures when they get posted on fb. ...remember? I dont have a camera :( )

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