Saturday, November 27, 2010

10 things i'd like to say to 10 important people

1. GIRRRLLLLL you are my go-to person for anything. I know I can always count on you because you are my most reliable friend. And you know you can always count on me for anything. (well at least i hope you do) Me and you, partners in crime, are gonna have a hell of a time when I get back to the NUT driving our mama vans and eating at DTREE when the doughnuts come out freshhhhh. 4 am? it's a date. And we can go on a random adventure, as well. Words cannot express how thankful I am for you. I love you so much, and tell your parents I miss them much and I hope everything is goin' alright! GOodness, i can't wait to see your face and go on adventures with you. Remember: we ain't takin' no shit no more!! p.s. I want an original piece of art!!!

2. Well, you're practically family. We've had so many good times together, whether it's from when we were wee kids in elementary school going on camping trips together or all those sunday afternoons spent chillin' and eating green tea & half-baked ice cream. I know no matter what happens you will always be there to support me and keep me in check. You're such a thoughtful person, a natural leader, and you have the potential to do anything in the world! I am so proud of where you are now and how you overcome each and every strugggle that you face, no matter how frustrating things can get. Love you, seee-star!

3. You're like the friend who is always forgotten, always taken for granted, yet you never fail to be there when the really tough times come around. I am sooo glad you forgave me for all the idiocratic things I did as a retarded little middle schooler...and high schooler...and college-er. You are my BFFL. We share a crapload of inside jokes together I couldn't list 'em if i tried. You are such a strong girl, who has struggled through SOOO much and come out of each and every hardship stronger and stronger, and has even been there to see me through mine. You're never afraid to tell me what you REALLY think, and never afraid to share how God leads your life, and that is such a blessing. I hope you never feel like you should be ashamed of that, or anythign else that constitutes who you are, for that matter. I am soooo grateful for your friendship. :) :)

4. I don't know what I would do without you. You are my favorite thing about Texas. You take care of me, feed me, take me out... the list goes on. You have taught me so much and have kept me sane through some pretty significant crap. You're like my role model, and as much as everyone thinks that's a bad thing, I couldn't have asked for a better figure in my life, especially at this phase in my life. Thanks for introducing me to some really down to earth, great people, and thanks for showing me that there are true friends out there, I just need to meet them! You're the biggest daredevil I know, and I'm sooo glad we are linked by blood. you can't get rid of me, girl! =P

5. You're the nicest person at Baylor, and I am positive of that :) I am sooo glad that we got to be friends and that I got to meet you through Track. You have been such a great friend to me, especially just by being at my side. THere cannot be a more selfless person in the world... Your heart is so pure and loving, and I love that the most about you. You're so soft spoken, and laugh at me when I'm being outgoing. hahahaa I love going grocery shopping with you because you guilt me into eating healthy, which i thank you for when practice comes around. LIfting partner and my always-hungry friend, I love you. Brace yourself, though, 'cause we've got a lot ahead of us!

6. I love how although we can go through times in our daily lives where we don't talk, we always can meet back up over lunch or something and talk about our lives. You're always my buddy at all these Baylor events. Yeahhh, we made national television and always run the line together. :) We both have a lot of the same point of views on things, especially boys: yeah, they're pretty much retarded beings. Although you're busy a lot of the times with your babymama drama, your'e always down to chill. can't wait to get to know you more!

7. I know we haven't talked in a while, but I jsut want you to know I always love you, and I will always wish you the best. When I get back, I am going to hit you up and we can have our usual coffee (and maybe pizza??) together. ;P You never judge me on my views,and always lend a listening ears to my problems. I am sooo glad that you're doing your thing now and have found a new interest. Call me whenever you need, I will always be there for you. Plus, we should jam soon.

8. YO. THanks for letting me use your kitchen suuuuper late into the night whenever I have a baking-need emergency. And walking me back in the cold & holding the extra cupcakes. I'm sorry i'm making you fat by leaving cupcakes at your place, but you work it off, anyway, so who gives a shat? :) YOu're like the mediator between groups, and your'e nice to everyone, always smiling. I'm glad to have met you, playa.

9. I wish you could know how much you mean to me. I love your style. It's so classic. Thanks for all those friday nights when you were my small group leader and our "girl-talks" that never failed to deviate away from the assigned discussion topics. You're the silent lover who I miss seeing so much. I am really sad that on top of not seeing you at home, i don't see you even more now that i'm a few states away. pleeeeaaaase tell me we are going to hang out at least once when i get back.

10. Okay, so I always lash out on you guys, and you always get the short end of my personality, but i love you guys, and i am forever indebted to your love for me. You are the best parents God could ever grace me with, and i can only hope to love you two back half as much as you have loved me and cared for me. You are the most selfless, loving, wise parents a girl could ask for. Thank you for spoiling me, but also teaching me sooo many importnat concepts of life and walking me through so much. You guys always support me no matter what path i choose, but mostly, I cannot express how grateful i am when you take me back whenever i screw up, like the prodigal. I love you guys sooo much. P.S. i loooove the new backyard. P.P.S. Thanks for the early christmas present! ;)

I wish i had more numbers because there are more people I would like to add on this list whom i love ever so dearly. (see how i had to combine two into one at the end? =P) HOWever, it is reallllly late, and i SHOULD quit chatting with poeple online and get some shut eye. goodnight, y'all!


Alice Young said...

♥ you

stephanie said...

things to do when you come back
1. be lazy bums at my house, bake cookies, eat a lot, be cozy, watch movies
2. go to retreat
3. go on a date at loveletter or any other restaurant
4. soak up each other's awesomeness
5. take a lot of pictures
6. there's the big bear trip again this year that daniel's planning, but i don't think i'm going.

stephanie said...

-_____- Even if you didn't win, I'd still give it to you. -_____-