Tuesday, October 19, 2010

goin' with the flow

You know when you keep trying to figure something out that technically already makes sense? And then series of things happen where you're really confused because it's not exactly the way you thought it was? The way I thought it up in my head was gonna be perfect and fine; good, even... But maybe i was just thinking about how I would take it the way I wanted it and didn't think about it in the other point of view... LIke we had different reasons for doing what we're doing. Nevertheless, shouldn't that technically be fine because technically the same thing is technically happening anyway? well... in my mind, I thought we were just being friends because all the animosity, hurt and anger was clouding our judgment. I guess in his head, he wants to be friends so he can have space... which I understand, but I dont feel the same way. Then again, it still feels like that's the way it should be, like he's right in some ways.
Even though it can be "perfect" in my head, it's not going to be "perfect" when everything is actually lived out, because life isn't perfect, and life will never be perfect. For now, all I can do is to go with the flow, I guess. Quit analyzing it, and just do it... allow for the future to decide for itself. Isn't it said, anyway, that if you truly love someone, you would let them go? I guess I'm beginning to really experience tat for myself.

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