Thursday, June 24, 2010

Here with my kinsmen

Mild Culture shock

Some stuff different here in Taiwan:

-The weather: it’s 90 degrees Fahrenheit and it’s 10:30 pm. It’s as humid as it is in Texas. I don’t understand what’s up with this humidity in all other parts of the world beside California! I’m definitely appreciating the weather of California a lot more now. No wonder California is becoming overpopulated!

-Bathrooms: In Taiwan (and most other parts of Asia), all bathrooms have a drain on the floor. You can get the floor as wet as you want because there are slippers that are at the door of every bathroom you can wear into the wet bathroom. I’m not used to it at all – the wetness (on top of the humidity) is just all so overwhelming and I feel super sticky everywhere. After I’m done showering, I have this insane thing where I just want to be dry.

-Driving: People drive like maniacs here. There are a lot of people on motorcycles because Taiwan is pretty small and the population is very dense. They’re not like the big heavy ones in America, but they’re lighter, more maneuverable, and more annoying. People drive these things like they don’t know anyone else is on the road! You can basically park your car on the side of the street and block off practically a whole lane, and you wouldn’t get a ticket. Well this is just their culture here, so I guess if they started giving tickets to everyone, there would be a big riot.

:) I'll check in wit y'all later on during my trip. For now, here are some pics!:

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